About Us

"Where Cheerleading Begins..." ®

American Recreational Cheerleading was created to allow organizations throughout the United States to enhance their Recreational and Public/Parochial school Cheer & Pom programs. This has been accomplished by establishing consistent safety standards and rules and regulations that allow for fair competition, thus expanding cheerleading as a sport.

Furthermore, these enhancements in athletic competition will assist in building “local” participation in community-based Pom & Cheer programs.

The dream began with the realization that while our sport was proliferating in the All-star world, Recreational Programs were left without a clear path to continued success. The objective — provide that path by incorporating the talents of local leaders and creating a framework for success!

As American Recreational Cheerleading expands, it is done so with our organization’s goal of working with established programs to “mutually” benefit each other. If you or your organization are interested in finding out more about the opportunities that are available for your team(s), please contact our National Office and talk to us about our program and its benefits to you.

We realize that the success of Cheer & Pom is based on your local opportunities and support — we are “all in this together”……

We’re glad you’re here!!!!!


 Our Mission Statement

American Recreatonal Cheerleading was formed to bring high quality Cheerleading and Dance events to our customers, while still offering extreme value. 

It is our goal to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service, while always listening to our customers so we can continue to evolve with the industry to ensure our events always deliver the best possible experience for organizations, athletes and their families.